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Filming with Holland & Barrett

Back in December myself, Tilly & Lulu were invited along to Manchester to film with Holland & Barrett. We recently received the videos back so I thought it was about time I shared the footage with you all, plus a few photos from the day & what we actually got up to! I was really pleased to find out two of my friends had been asked to attend the event too, Abi with beautiful Bella the Border Collie & Cat with pretty little Prunella Pug! I didn't realise until we got the invitation that Holland & Barrett actually sold Dog products so it was great to see what they had available & the Pugs enjoyed munching on lots of treats & food. 

When we arrived at the studio the Pugs instantly spotted the bowls of food on the floor & ran straight over to have their second breakfast of the day, greedy Pugs! There was also lots of toys dotted around for them to play with, they were in their element running round with the other dogs playing & causing mayhem! After the producers had finished shooting all the Holland & Barrett dog goodies it was our turn to be filmed & interviewed. We began with group shots of us all playing with the dogs which was fun getting them to run around with each other but also quite tiring too! Then we all took part in individual interviews which I was really nervous for because I'd never been filmed before & I actually didn't realise we were being filmed, I did think it was the just Pugs so I was a bit unprepared! Props to all you YouTubers who make it look SO easy! It's definitely given me the 'feel' for YouTube though & I would love to give it a proper go this year. You can watch my interview below, sorry for the awkwardness & also about 2.54 I know I look like I'm strangling Tilly but I promise I'm not haha, I had to keep her on the chair & she was such a wriggle butt! 
Once filming was over I was given a goodie bag for the Pugs, it had the Yarrah Vegan Biscuits in which the girls had loved eating whilst they had been good during the shoot! We also got given a really nice Shampoo & Conditioner to try out, the Scruffy Chops Zest in Show Shampoo & Muddy Marvellous Conditioner. Both smell fruity & leave the girls coats feeling silky soft & clean! I'd never used a conditioner on them before but it makes all the difference so I will be doing so from now on. There was also some supplements included, Glucosamine being one of them which I was really pleased to see as Tilly Pug suffers from bad legs & it's important for her to take Glucosamine to look after her joints. 

I had the best time at the event, I loved being able to bring my two little puggies with me, I always take them with me wherever possible & would love to take them to more blog-related events again! Thank you so much for inviting us along & for the girls goodie bag!

L x

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  1. The video link looks brilliant, well done ... to you and your lovely girls.

    Funny you should mention that Tilly has bad legs, you once got in touch with me to let me know that your Tilly and my Suky were related, well Suky also has a problem with her back right leg. Her knee disjoints very easily and she is also on Glucosamine tablets daily to keep her as supple as possible. It's possibly something they have both inherited.

    Lovely to see both your girls looking so well and happy. I bet they slept well after their day of treats and fun.

  2. They are so cute! I love pugs!

  3. Aww this is so cute. I'd love to film with my dog! xx
    Glossy Boutique

  4. Best day ever! our little super stars! xx