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It's a frustrating feeling when something you enjoy becomes a chore & in all honestly, thats how I have been feeling about blogging lately. I feel frustrated at myself for neglecting my blog, ignoring my emails & leaving PR samples sitting in their boxes for weeks but it all kind of just happened & here I am over a month since my last post was published. I hate that I can't commit to blogging when I want, I put myself under pressure & then end up burning myself out. With a job, living in a house that we are renovating, having two needy little Pugs to look after & other life things my blog just took a back seat unfortunately. When I get home in an evening all I can think about doing is curling up on the sofa under a pile of blankets with the Pugs. I don't want to go on & on in a negative tone about the blogging part of my life so I've decided I will just blog when I can & stop beating myself up about not sticking to a schedule like I had originally planned. Life isn't hard, I just like a good whinge when things don't work out how I expected them to! 

I had quite a few fun blogging things last month, I got to attend the I Just Love It event where I made my own personalised pizza & took home a goodie bag full of personalised items. I also got invited along to the Tangle Teezer Puppy Party for the launch of their new Pug Love Tangle Teezer. That was one of my favourite days & I was lucky enough to meet Becca Rose & hang out with her handsome Rupert Pug. It's always the best when I can take the Pugs with me & even better when we get to meet other Pugs too! I'll pop up posts to share all the photos I took at the events next week! :)

Another fun thing that happened... we bought a new car! After having old, unreliable cars for years we were finally brave enough to go out & buy ourselves a brand new Mini Cooper last week. I am so so excited, we've always wanted one & can't believe it's finally happening!! Hurry up & deliver our car please Mr Mini!

I've got a beauty post going up tomorrow, yay for being organised, so look out for that! It's been good to sit & type, I feel a lot more relaxed now that I've got a post completed!

Hope you're all having a good week, let me know whats been your best bit!
L x

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  1. Just take your time! :) Honestly, people should understand if you're busy and such! I think we should respect bloggers and their choices. Just blog whenever you can! We will be happy with what ever content you post and as always, I love seeing those little pugs! xxx

    1. Thank you! It's hard to juggle it all sometimes & I hate feeling under so much pressure. So lovely of you to say & you'll be pleased to hear I've got a Pug post going up in the next few days x