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Rosie for Autograph Makeup

rosie for autograph makeup review, bblogger, rosie huntington whiteley, uk beauty blogger, liverpool beauty blogger,
Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has collaborated again with M&S to release her very own cosmetic collection & she has done it in the most beautiful way. Dreamy rose gold packaging, dainty floral detailing & natural shades all make for an absolutely stunning range.

I've been trying out some of the products & I'm finally ready to report back to you all, singing all of the positive praise for these beauties...

Miracle Concealer '2' - £14.00* This concealer has quite literally been a miracle worker for my under eye circles. As it's yellow toned it's great at hiding the darker tones that surround my tired eyes. It's creamy yet turns to a chalky, powder style product once it is blended in. Contained in bullet style packaging makes it travel friendly & convenient to pop in your handbag. 
rosie for autograph makeup review, bblogger, rosie huntington whiteley, uk beauty blogger, liverpool beauty blogger,
Cream Blush 'Natures Blush - £14.00* This Cream Blush is a beautiful, bright, Coral shade ideal for a Summer makeup look. The cream formulation is silky soft, which turns to a powder finish on application. The pigmentation of this blusher is amazing, I was a bit heavy handed at first, expecting the product to disappear into my foundation so was very generous with the amount I used. Luckily it blends in easily, so my mishap was easily fixed & I was left with a lovely subtle pop of colour on the apple of my cheeks. A little definitely goes a long way so this pretty palette should last me a long time!
rosie for autograph makeup review, bblogger, rosie huntington whiteley, uk beauty blogger, liverpool beauty blogger,
Liquid Eyeliner 'Intense Black' - £14.00* A thin felt tip style liquid eyeliner that provides precise application. I am able to draw on a line of eyeliner without any wiggly mistakes, it dries quickly so I don't get that dreaded smudged line on my eyelid either.  Its a deep black colour which is what I always opt for, I'm not a fan of dull, grey toned liquid eyeliners & it's long-lasting too so it ticks all of the boxes for me!

Cream Eyeshadow Stick 'Feline Fox' - £12.50* My favourite product out of the lot, a velvety soft eyeshadow stick in a wearable shimmery taupe brown shade. It glides across my eyelid smoothly & blends easily with both a brush or my fingers, I have been scribbling it on all over the lower part of my eyelid & then blending it out. It's crease resistant too & really comfortable to wear. It's such an easy to use eye makeup product & perfect to use if you're in a hurry as it's so effortless to apply & blends like a dream. 

rosie for autograph makeup review, bblogger, rosie huntington whiteley, uk beauty blogger, liverpool beauty blogger,
rosie for autograph makeup review, bblogger, rosie huntington whiteley, uk beauty blogger, liverpool beauty blogger,
Eyeshadow Quad 'Ballet Slipper' - £18.00* I would describe this quad as the perfect everyday eyeshadow palette. The four shades are great for creating a smokey eye look or just keeping it simple, there are so many options with it. My favourite way to wear this palette is to apply the brown shade all over my eyelid & then sweep the peachy, rose toned (bottom right) shadow on top. I then brush a tiny amount of the black underneath my lower lashes & use the light nude shade to highlight in the corner of my eyes. The eyeshadows are all equally as beautiful, each one with a hint of shimmer, my most-loved eyeshadow finish as they seem to be more fool-proof than matte shades. 
rosie for autograph makeup review, bblogger, rosie huntington whiteley, uk beauty blogger, liverpool beauty blogger,
rosie for autograph makeup review, bblogger, rosie huntington whiteley, uk beauty blogger, liverpool beauty blogger,
Lipstick 'I Love You So Much ILYSM' - £14.00* When I first took the lid of this lipstick my instant thought was wow! It's a bold pink lipstick which seems quite scary to me as they aren't my first lip colour choice but it is such a pretty colour I have given it a go anyway. The lipstick has a really creamy formula & contains Argan Oil to help nourish & hydrate your lips. 
rosie for autograph makeup review, bblogger, rosie huntington whiteley, uk beauty blogger, liverpool beauty blogger,
Bronzer 'Magic Contour' - £18.00* I have finally found a bronzer that is the right shade for me, being so pale they can often look muddy on my complexion but this one is great for my fair skin. The matte powder gives me a natural, much needed, sun-kissed glow without being too harsh.
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Have you tried anything from the Rosie for Autograph makeup collection? If not, what would you like to try?
L x

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When Becca & Rupert Came to Stay...

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Being a Pug mama has given me the opportunity to meet some amazing people, through Pug meet ups, Facebook groups & even Blogger events I've made lots of new friends all because we have a squishy little fur baby. I'm always saying how good it is to talk to people who completely understand the obsession I have over Tilly & Lulu & we all rock the crazy Pug owner status perfectly! There is something about our squashy dogs that bring all of us together in the best way, whenever I meet a fellow Pug owner I could honestly talk for hours about our dogs.
At the Tangle Teezer Pug Love Event I met Becca Rose & her handsome Rupert Pug, we instantly got chatting about all things Pug related & made sure to hang out again soon. Isn't it the best when you meet someone & get on with them so well from day one? Becca & Rupert made the long train journey up to Liverpool to come see us & stay for a couple of days, we planned to visit the Bubblebecca house (post soon!) & I also drove Becca to IKEA as she had never actually been inside one! Our weekend was filled with pizza, shopping & pugs, it was literally heaven.
On the Sunday, the day Becca & Rupert left, we did a huge photoshoot with the Pugs, it resulted in over 800 photos! I've been working my way through them ever since, picking my favourites which has been tough because they are all so good & SO CUTE. Pugs are the best at posing, their little head tilts & their adorable facial expressions make the perfect photos, hence why this post is ridiculously photo heavy! I know you all love a Pug photo spam though which is why I went to town & included so many.

Becca vlogged a lot of the time so you can go see us having all of the fun over on her channel, I'm so glad she documented it because now I have all those memories to watch over & over. We had such a fun, Pug filled weekend, I can't wait to do it all over again when I go to stay at Beccas next month!

L x 

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Bedroom Mood Board

When we moved into our house, almost a year a go now, we knew we had a lot of work ahead of us but started with the necessities & went from there really. Our bedroom & the living room were our main priorities as luckily the Kitchen & Bathroom were both brand new so we could leave them untouched until we fancied adding our own stamp to them. So, we moved in & painted our bedroom white, bought all our furniture from IKEA & had Venetian Blinds fitted on our huge bay windows. Sometimes I wonder if fitting the blinds was a good idea but because we live in a terraced house you can practically see into the house opposite, so they were necessary for privacy! Apart from painting the room we didn't do anything else, until recently that is...

I knew the dingy old carpet was hiding the original floorboards underneath & I had been itching to rip it up since day one but we also knew it would be a huge job so it kept being put to the back of our never-ending to-do list. Until curiosity (& frustration) got the better of me & I took a kitchen knife to the carpet & sliced it all up one day whilst Dom was at work. It was hard work but actually no where near as bad as I had expected it to be, I ensured I cut up small sections at a time, rolled them up & took them straight downstairs & outside to be taken to the tip later on. Usually I'm a very impatient person & want everything doing quickly so I'm glad I thought this project out a little more than most of my DIY jobs because I didn't have a huge mess to tidy up at the end. It was so exciting ripping up the horrible carpet to discover the floorboards & thankfully they were in much better condition than we had anticipated. Dom had envisaged us spending money on having to replace some of the boards, but we are all good! 

Then came the sanding, okay so this was a nightmare... THE DUST!! Every article I read on the Internet stated there would be a huge amount of dust but I still didn't believe it would be THAT bad. I was so wrong! We sanded the floorboards over two weeks ago now & the dust is still settling. My life has been a constant circle of hoovering & mopping to try & get rid of the fine layer that still keeps appearing. It is, however, absolutely worth it & I love the floorboards so much. We are going to have to paint them though as they are too imperfect to simply have a coat of varnish, but I don't mind because I can have white floorboards, dreams do come true! 

Now the hard work is over, I've been pinning like crazy, here is my Pinterest if you don't already follow, and I now know exactly how I want the room to look like when it's completed. The only other project I did want to do was to chip off all the plaster on the Chimney breast to expose the brick work & then paint it white to add some texture like in the image on the top left. However Dom has said no way to that idea (the only thing he has said no to though!) because our house has suffered with damp issues so he thinks it's best to leave it how it is! 

With the very White blank canvas my possibilities are endless & that is why I love all things white. Every time we have visitors they ask me if I'm going to paint the walls & I always say maybe but I know in the back of my mind that isn't going to happen. I actually read a that white on white, on white, with pops of colour will bring a room to life & that has been my motto. I still want to keep it quite muted though & have become obsessed with blush, grey & gold tones so I'm going to stick to that palette to keep the room a calm, serene & relaxing place to be. 

I'm after a Blush Linen Bedding Set but the only one I've been able to find is from Cox & Cox for an extortionate price, way out of my budget so I'll have to keep on hunting. I then want to have stacks of cushions dotted around the room, I like the look they give & they add a bit of cosiness too without being full on. This Betsy Four Drawer Jewellery Box would make a pretty addition to my dresser & ties in with my theme perfectly so I may have to treat myself to it! I'm in need of some extra storage anyway so it's a completely justified purchase, right? I've got a bit of a thing for pom poms at the moment too, I'm gonna have a go at making my own giant ones & attaching them to throws, or perhaps making some kind of wall art with them. I'm hoping we can have the room finished by the end of May so I can do a room tour when it's done. Let me know if you've seen any accessories or think I'll like something, I'm always looking for more inspiration!

What do you think of my bedroom mood board?

L x

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The Blogger Friend Tag

(PaperJung Cards)
I've seen The Blogger Friend Tag appear on quite a lot of blogs over the years but never thought to give it a go until my friend Stephanie suggested we should do it. Stephanie blogs over at & has been a friend, as well as a blogger friend since 2014. We've both answered the questions on each others blogs, here is the link to my answers!

Q) How and when did you meet?
A) We met at work, in October 2014! She transferred to the store I was working in and we got chatting and I realised I recognised her blog username. She inspired me to start blogging again!
I miss those days were we would chat all things blog related whilst we were supposed to be working!

Q) What's your favourite memory together?
A) We used to have all kinds of fun at work together but we had a trip to Cheshire Oaks once which was a fantastic day <3
That actually was a fantastic day, we need to go again but please keep me away from the Yankee Shop this time!

Q) Describe each other in one word.
A) Pugsessed. That's a real word.
Hahaha I love this, yep it's a real word!

Q) What's their dream job?
A) I think she'd love to be able to earn enough to blog as a job, or something design related otherwise.
The dream! But yeah I'd love to do more design related work, I also love doing Visual Merchandising at work so thats an option too.

Q) What's their favourite makeup brand?
A) I'm not too sure but I know she loves Soap & Glory, in particular their Archery eyebrow pencil!
I don't think I could choose one favourite brand but you're right, I do love Soap & Glory, especially the brow pencil (:

Q) What is something that annoys you about the other person?
A) She now lives way too far away and it's so difficult to plan to do anything together. Also she'd had a broken phone so we've been messaging on Twitter rather than texting..!
Hey, my phone is fixed now so feel free to text away! We need to arrange a day out again too...

Q) If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be and why?
A) I definitely think it would have to be somewhere exploring America together. Maybe California for the potential road trips?
How good would this be!! Can it happen please?

Q) Favourite inside joke?
A) Any joke about our old store, really!
Omg alllllll of the drama used to happen at work...

Q) Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?
A) I think Laura definitely takes more pride in her appearance than I do. Sometimes I can get ready in 10-15 minutes if I really can't be bothered!
I wouldn't say I take more pride in my appearance, you always look lovely!

Q) Their favourite season?
A) I'll go with summer!
I do love the warmer days but my fave season is actually Winter, I LOVE CHRISTMAS! <3

Q) Their favourite song?
A) I feel like this is something that changes a lot, so I'll just say; nothing that's on the work playlist...
Yep, I don't really have a favourite song I just stick a playlist on Spotify & sing along!

Q) Do they prefer heels or flats?
A) It depends on the situation but probably comfy flats.
Flats, always. Heels for a special occasion but otherwise flats.

Q) Do they prefer pants or dresses?
A) I don't think she ever wore trousers to work, so dresses/skirts.
For work I never wear the "formal" style trouser but I do love a good pair of black skinnies. Otherwise dresses are my fave to wear!

Q) What's their favourite animal?
A) No prizes for knowing the answer to this is puggles!
Yay for Pugs <3

Q) If their house was burning down, and their entire family was sure to be okay, what would they save and why?
A) Honestly she's just spent so much time and effort doing her house up, she would probably do her damnedest to just put it out instead of letting it burn!
Haha so true. If I HAD to save something it would probably be my bed, it's like a marshmallow, so soft & comfy.

Q) Do they prefer comedies, horrors, or chick-flicks?
A) I think she appreciates a good chick flick!
I do, I do! Or a Rom-Com.

Q) Are they team Samsung or team iPhone?
A) She's recently been team no phone, but usually team iPhone!
Team iPhone <3

Q) What's their favourite movie?
A) I have no clue, so I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say Mean Girls, because who doesn't love Mean Girls?
I love Elf but thats a Christmas one so probably doesn't count! Mean Girls is great though too!

Q) What is something weird that they eat/don't eat?
Hahaha Prawns are disgusting! The texture omg.

Q) Do you guys have anything matching?
A) I'm going to say probably- since we both work/ed for the same company.
Maybe a shirt/blouse?

Q) What's their favourite TV show?
A) I don't think she watches much TV, but probably something on Netflix!
Yeah I love Netflix, I was hooked on PLL, the new series needs to hurry up.

Aw this was SO much fun, I loved answering the questions about Stephanie & reading the answers she put about me. Let me know if you join in with the Blogger Friend Tag (:

L x

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Four Things To Do In Spring

Spring Cherry Blossom,
The Weather has been very hit & miss the past couple of weeks, we've had Snow, (yes, really in May!) heavy rainfall & even a heatwave. Today is one of those glorious days though, I can hear birds tweeting away & the warm Morning Sunshine is creeping in through the slats in the blinds. This is my favourite kind of day, when the heat isn't too unbearable, the sun gives everything a happy glow & I instantly fill up with motivation to get out & make the most of it! 

Have a Picnic in the Park - I love the idea of Picnics but never actually make them happen. Taking a big blanket, lots of yummy nibbles & sitting under a pretty Blossom tree in the Park with Dom & the Pugs sounds so idyllic to me right now. I'm such a homebody I'll always choose sitting on the sofa at home over going outside to explore but I definitely need to get out more, breathe in the fresh air & enjoy the great outdoors! We have 3 beautiful parks nearby so it's my goal to take advantage of this & arrange a picnic sometime soon. 

Buy Fresh Flowers - A bloggers favourite thing to do during any season, but nothing beats finding your first bunch of Peonies of the year! I also love a bouquet of bright, colourful Tulips & a spray of Gypsophila in a glass bottle displayed on a shelf is pretty cute! Bringing fresh flowers in to our home helps to cheer the place up, I love seeing them bloom into life. 

Try Out a New Recipe - In the warmer months of the year I feel more inspired to try out new recipes, I crave crunchy, fresh salads with a dressing drizzled over the top, icy refreshing drinks & tasty fruit dishes. I'm not the most creative when it comes to making recipes but I'm gonna give it a go! Last year I created Mojito Mocktails, the perfect drink to enjoy on a Spring/Summer evening. 

Have a Spring Clean - A cliche thing to do as everyone seems to do a big Spring clean but this is something I'm really focusing on at the moment. We've been DIYing almost every spare moment, finishing off all the little odds & ends, trying to tie it all up & finish off the place so you can imagine there has been lots of mess, lots of rubbish & lots of DIY tools around. We have a joiner coming in soon to build shelving, cupboards, wardrobes, practically everything, so soon I'll be in storage heaven & everything will have a home. 

Let me know what things you like to do in Spring!

L x

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Love The Sales Wishlist

LoveTheSales Wishlist,, uk blogger wishlist,

I'm not usually one to shop in the sales, I find it tedious searching through rails of unordered clothing & going through my favourite websites to find a bargain can be really time consuming which is why I don't often bother. When I was introduced to I was intrigued to have a browse as it's a website that merges sale items from all the top high street stores into one place, making sale shopping a lot easier. 

I have been invited to one of Doms work colleagues Wedding parties in June so I'm currently outfit hunting & I'm thinking of opting for a midi skirt with a pretty pattern on or a pastel coloured one that I can pair with a little blouse & simple strappy heels. I decided to browse the Ted Baker sale section as it's usually out of my price range & I came across some beautiful pieces, my favourite being the Linear Nouveau Midi Skirt, it's seriously dreamy. It would be perfect for a Wedding, the pretty pattern is just enough detail & the pastel shades are the kinda colours I always picture for weddings. I've also had a scroll through the Missguided sale pages & I can never resist a look at what Topshop has on offer.

Love The Sales makes sale shopping much more fun, it's easy to find a bargain with the ability to filter your search results to display items available in your size & from your chosen brands. The site is built up from 100's of retailers & 1000's of items, all of which are in real time, meaning no more disappointment when you click 'Add to Basket' only to be told it's out of stock. Everyone loves a good deal, not only on clothes but also homewares, electronics & beauty so if you're after saving yourself a few pennies head over to - let me know what bargains you find!

Do you like shopping the sales?

L x

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April Degustabox

April 2016 Degustabox
Whenever a Degustabox* arrives at my door I'm always intrigued to find out what edible treats are inside. Dom also shares my excitement & actually I often come home to the box already opened! Degustabox is a monthly subscription box filled with 10 to 15 products that are completely new to the market, it's a great opportunity to try out the latest food launches for a fraction of the price. If you want to give Degustabox a go be sure to use the code 'BLDEG15' to get £6.00 off, making the cost of the box only £6.99.

I'm always drawn to the chocolates & other sweet snacks included in the box, whereas Dom loves seeing the savoury goodies. My favourite item from the April box has got to be the Milkybar Milk & Crunch Bars, a delicious biscuit coated in a thick layer of Milkybar chocolate, so good. The other chocolate-y treat I received was the Smarties Sharing Block which has been my evening snack when I've been snuggled on the sofa watching TV with Dom & the Pugs. Kervanigda Bebeto Mini Fruit Strings are suitable for both Vegetarians & Vegans & are a delicious fruit sweet. I love Strawberry laces so much but these ones are much better for me with the reduced amount of processed sugars & they taste just as good. My favourite flavour was the Raspberry ones.  One sugary item we won't be using is the Merisant Canderel Sweetener as I'm not keen on the idea of it after reading some health articles but Doms Mum uses Sweetener & was pleased to receive this from us. The final two sweet food items are from a brand called Parle, one of the largest selling biscuit brands - a fun fact for a Tuesday evening! The Parle Rusk is a crunchy & crispy toast, nice enough to eat on it's own but Parle recommend dunking it in a cup of tea, more specifically a chai tea. Parle G are a milk & wheat biscuit that provide enough nourishment that they a meal substitute for some. I'll be eating these as a tasty snack when I next crave a biscuit. 
There is always a couple of drinks in the boxes too, the THOR Dry Apple Spritz in Mint was my favourite, its really refreshing & crisp, I'll be stocking up on this for the Summer! We also received the Mint & Apple flavour too but I'm yet to try that one, I imagine it will be just as delicious though. The other beverage in the box was a Rejuvenation Water in Apple & Mint which is enriched with Amino Acids to help fuel the immune system & build up a natural resilience to anxiety & depression. I think this is such a unique idea, I've saved this drink to try on a day when I'm not feeling the best to see if it will boost my mood.
Onto the savoury food items, the first to catch my eye was the Levi Roots Coat 'n' Cook Marinade as I absolutely love Reggae Reggae sauce so I know I'll love this. I'm gonna pop this over some Chicken & stir fry it with the Veetee Basmati Rice that came in this months selection. I'll be eating the Veetee Wholegrain & Quinoa Rice myself though as Dom isn't really into the 'healthier' versions of his favourite foods! A savoury snack that was included was a big packet of Popchips in the new flavour Sea Salt, Garlic & Rosemary. I've become addicted to crisps & dips at the moment so I've already demolished the whole bag, tasty & a healthy option to your standard bag of crisps. 

Have you tried Degustabox?

L x

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April Favourites

April Beauty Favourites 2016, UK Beauty Blogger, Liverpool Beauty Blogger,
I love a favourites post but I often feel mine are kinda boring because I don't have new products to use each week which is why I just do them whenever instead of religiously every month! Heres my round-up of a few of my most loved products from the month of April...

Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream* has got to be the nicest moisturiser I've used for a long time. My evening skincare routine is quite simple at the moment, I double cleanse, tone & moisturise as my skin is having a bit of a funny spell I don't want to overload it with a million different products. The Avocado Pear night cream is not only nourishing but also soothing, I always wake up with fresh, dewy feeling skin in the morning.  

I'm a big fan of the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer & rarely steer away from it as I swear by it but change is good sometimes & being a beauty blogger I do love to try out new makeup whenever I get the chance. I've been using the Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer* which is a duo creamy concealer with a setting powder. The left side of the pot is the under eye brightening concealer & the right side is to conceal blemishes & imperfections. I can really notice a difference when I use this to hide the dark circles around my eyes, it has a nice consistency which blends easily to conceal the dark tones. I was a little nervous to use it as it's quite orange toned & I'm so pale I was convinced it would be the wrong shade for me.

When I spotted the Essie Retro Revival Collection in Boots, I knew I wouldn't be leaving the stand empty handed, I chose Cabana Boy a beautiful pearl nude shade. This is so pretty on my nails, I've hardly worn any other colours & I've had so many compliments on it too. It's such a dreamy kinda shade with it's pearlescent finish & as you might already know Essie are my all time fave nail polish, they apply so well & resist chips for ages. 

LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub has been my complete life saviour recently. As I mentioned above my skin is being quite strange, it's been quite oily which is new for me as it's usually dry, however my lips have been drier than ever. They have been so chapped & sore, they looked really really awful, I've been applying lip balms more than ever & trying to increase my daily intake of water. The Bubblegum Lip Scrub is so so good, it removes dead skin gently yet efficiently leaving my lips feeling a whole lot better. I can't resist the taste of this either, a little sweet treat for my lips.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Blush Eau De Toilette is the newest addition to my Marc Jacobs perfume collection, I'm obsessed with the pretty bottles & lovely fragrances, one day I shall own them all... Blush is the perfect fragrance for Spring, it's fresh, light & slightly floral making it ideal for the warmer weather (ha, it basically snowed here in Liverpool last week but hey we are meant to have a heatwave this weekend!!) as it's not at all overpowering. It's beautifully delicate & feminine & has been the only fragrance I've reached for this month.

What are your April favourites?

L x

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May Goals

Pinch, Punch, for the first of the month! Hello May, you've appeared far quicker than anticipated, I'm hoping you'll bring sunshine, adventure & achievements! I've set myself some goals to try & keep me focused on what I want to achieve, I always find writing things down helps keep me organised.

One - My main goal for the month of May is to continue working on my blog content. I've planned a lot of posts & got a few exciting things going on so I'm hoping to produce my best content yet! I'm also doing Blog Everyday in May with Oui Stephanie so be sure to check back each day for a new post. 
Two - Our house is forever an on going project but we are getting more & more done each weekend. We've had to re-decorate our bedroom due to damp issues (old house problems!!) which gave me the opportunity to rip up the carpet to discover the original wooden floorboards & hearth. We have now sanded down the floorboards so they just need a lick of paint & we need to choose some tiles for the hearth. So my aim is to get the bedroom complete by the end of May.

Three - Start my YouTube channel properly! Okay so I'm not 100% sure if this will actually happen but I've been keen on the idea of vlogging for so long I feel like I need to just do it & get on with it. I do have a YouTube channel with a couple of uploads on it but I mostly want to focus on vlogging daily life with the Pugs. I was chatting to my friend Abi (Kemples) as she recently got her old baby videos put on to DVDs which reminded me I need to do the same! I absolutely love watching the footage my Dad recorded of my childhood & it gives me the urge to do the same now. I already love documenting life over here on this blog but video keeps memories alive & I know I'll be thankful to myself in years to come.

Four - Book a trip. Dom & I haven't been on holiday together for over five years now so we are in need of a break! We have a trip to Paris in the works at the moment with our good friends for late September time & we are currently looking up hotels & flights for New York in November but we need a little Sunshine holiday too. I'd love to go to Greece but I'm open to recommendations so let me know if you've been away anywhere nice!

Five - Read more books. I say this all of the time but recently I've not had a phone because I've smashed mine up so badly it no longer works & I've felt amazing not having a phone to waste hours on each day. It is becoming a real inconvenience not having one though so I'll be back in the iPhone club this week but I'll not be spending as much time on it. Instead I want to use my free time more wisely, by reading the piles of unread books I've got lying around the house. I used to be a real bookworm & I want to get back into relaxing on the sofa with a good book instead of being absorbed by Social Media. 

What are you goals for May?

L x

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