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April Degustabox

April 2016 Degustabox
Whenever a Degustabox* arrives at my door I'm always intrigued to find out what edible treats are inside. Dom also shares my excitement & actually I often come home to the box already opened! Degustabox is a monthly subscription box filled with 10 to 15 products that are completely new to the market, it's a great opportunity to try out the latest food launches for a fraction of the price. If you want to give Degustabox a go be sure to use the code 'BLDEG15' to get £6.00 off, making the cost of the box only £6.99.

I'm always drawn to the chocolates & other sweet snacks included in the box, whereas Dom loves seeing the savoury goodies. My favourite item from the April box has got to be the Milkybar Milk & Crunch Bars, a delicious biscuit coated in a thick layer of Milkybar chocolate, so good. The other chocolate-y treat I received was the Smarties Sharing Block which has been my evening snack when I've been snuggled on the sofa watching TV with Dom & the Pugs. Kervanigda Bebeto Mini Fruit Strings are suitable for both Vegetarians & Vegans & are a delicious fruit sweet. I love Strawberry laces so much but these ones are much better for me with the reduced amount of processed sugars & they taste just as good. My favourite flavour was the Raspberry ones.  One sugary item we won't be using is the Merisant Canderel Sweetener as I'm not keen on the idea of it after reading some health articles but Doms Mum uses Sweetener & was pleased to receive this from us. The final two sweet food items are from a brand called Parle, one of the largest selling biscuit brands - a fun fact for a Tuesday evening! The Parle Rusk is a crunchy & crispy toast, nice enough to eat on it's own but Parle recommend dunking it in a cup of tea, more specifically a chai tea. Parle G are a milk & wheat biscuit that provide enough nourishment that they a meal substitute for some. I'll be eating these as a tasty snack when I next crave a biscuit. 
There is always a couple of drinks in the boxes too, the THOR Dry Apple Spritz in Mint was my favourite, its really refreshing & crisp, I'll be stocking up on this for the Summer! We also received the Mint & Apple flavour too but I'm yet to try that one, I imagine it will be just as delicious though. The other beverage in the box was a Rejuvenation Water in Apple & Mint which is enriched with Amino Acids to help fuel the immune system & build up a natural resilience to anxiety & depression. I think this is such a unique idea, I've saved this drink to try on a day when I'm not feeling the best to see if it will boost my mood.
Onto the savoury food items, the first to catch my eye was the Levi Roots Coat 'n' Cook Marinade as I absolutely love Reggae Reggae sauce so I know I'll love this. I'm gonna pop this over some Chicken & stir fry it with the Veetee Basmati Rice that came in this months selection. I'll be eating the Veetee Wholegrain & Quinoa Rice myself though as Dom isn't really into the 'healthier' versions of his favourite foods! A savoury snack that was included was a big packet of Popchips in the new flavour Sea Salt, Garlic & Rosemary. I've become addicted to crisps & dips at the moment so I've already demolished the whole bag, tasty & a healthy option to your standard bag of crisps. 

Have you tried Degustabox?

L x

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  1. I've never tried a Degustabox before but I'm so tempted, they look great - thanks for sharing x

  2. I would love to try this box.

  3. Such cute images! I have heard a lot about degustabox! Sounds like a cool box for foodies! <3

  4. People keep talking about these!

  5. I've never heard of this before but it sounds amazing!? Love me some white chocolate! Stephanie x