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Bedroom Mood Board

When we moved into our house, almost a year a go now, we knew we had a lot of work ahead of us but started with the necessities & went from there really. Our bedroom & the living room were our main priorities as luckily the Kitchen & Bathroom were both brand new so we could leave them untouched until we fancied adding our own stamp to them. So, we moved in & painted our bedroom white, bought all our furniture from IKEA & had Venetian Blinds fitted on our huge bay windows. Sometimes I wonder if fitting the blinds was a good idea but because we live in a terraced house you can practically see into the house opposite, so they were necessary for privacy! Apart from painting the room we didn't do anything else, until recently that is...

I knew the dingy old carpet was hiding the original floorboards underneath & I had been itching to rip it up since day one but we also knew it would be a huge job so it kept being put to the back of our never-ending to-do list. Until curiosity (& frustration) got the better of me & I took a kitchen knife to the carpet & sliced it all up one day whilst Dom was at work. It was hard work but actually no where near as bad as I had expected it to be, I ensured I cut up small sections at a time, rolled them up & took them straight downstairs & outside to be taken to the tip later on. Usually I'm a very impatient person & want everything doing quickly so I'm glad I thought this project out a little more than most of my DIY jobs because I didn't have a huge mess to tidy up at the end. It was so exciting ripping up the horrible carpet to discover the floorboards & thankfully they were in much better condition than we had anticipated. Dom had envisaged us spending money on having to replace some of the boards, but we are all good! 

Then came the sanding, okay so this was a nightmare... THE DUST!! Every article I read on the Internet stated there would be a huge amount of dust but I still didn't believe it would be THAT bad. I was so wrong! We sanded the floorboards over two weeks ago now & the dust is still settling. My life has been a constant circle of hoovering & mopping to try & get rid of the fine layer that still keeps appearing. It is, however, absolutely worth it & I love the floorboards so much. We are going to have to paint them though as they are too imperfect to simply have a coat of varnish, but I don't mind because I can have white floorboards, dreams do come true! 

Now the hard work is over, I've been pinning like crazy, here is my Pinterest if you don't already follow, and I now know exactly how I want the room to look like when it's completed. The only other project I did want to do was to chip off all the plaster on the Chimney breast to expose the brick work & then paint it white to add some texture like in the image on the top left. However Dom has said no way to that idea (the only thing he has said no to though!) because our house has suffered with damp issues so he thinks it's best to leave it how it is! 

With the very White blank canvas my possibilities are endless & that is why I love all things white. Every time we have visitors they ask me if I'm going to paint the walls & I always say maybe but I know in the back of my mind that isn't going to happen. I actually read a that white on white, on white, with pops of colour will bring a room to life & that has been my motto. I still want to keep it quite muted though & have become obsessed with blush, grey & gold tones so I'm going to stick to that palette to keep the room a calm, serene & relaxing place to be. 

I'm after a Blush Linen Bedding Set but the only one I've been able to find is from Cox & Cox for an extortionate price, way out of my budget so I'll have to keep on hunting. I then want to have stacks of cushions dotted around the room, I like the look they give & they add a bit of cosiness too without being full on. This Betsy Four Drawer Jewellery Box would make a pretty addition to my dresser & ties in with my theme perfectly so I may have to treat myself to it! I'm in need of some extra storage anyway so it's a completely justified purchase, right? I've got a bit of a thing for pom poms at the moment too, I'm gonna have a go at making my own giant ones & attaching them to throws, or perhaps making some kind of wall art with them. I'm hoping we can have the room finished by the end of May so I can do a room tour when it's done. Let me know if you've seen any accessories or think I'll like something, I'm always looking for more inspiration!

What do you think of my bedroom mood board?

L x

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  1. I think your mood board is awesome, I wish I could remove the dangy carpet my bedroom currently harbours but I am renting so can't

    1. Ah thank you! Oh I feel your pain, I always wanted to change the flat we rented but obviously couldn't x

  2. I love the blush and grey theme! Pinterest is so good for finding inspiration x

    Telina | Love, Telina

    1. Such pretty colours aren't they! It's amazing, my favourite source for inspo x

  3. so cute! love all the colours xx