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May Goals

Pinch, Punch, for the first of the month! Hello May, you've appeared far quicker than anticipated, I'm hoping you'll bring sunshine, adventure & achievements! I've set myself some goals to try & keep me focused on what I want to achieve, I always find writing things down helps keep me organised.

One - My main goal for the month of May is to continue working on my blog content. I've planned a lot of posts & got a few exciting things going on so I'm hoping to produce my best content yet! I'm also doing Blog Everyday in May with Oui Stephanie so be sure to check back each day for a new post. 
Two - Our house is forever an on going project but we are getting more & more done each weekend. We've had to re-decorate our bedroom due to damp issues (old house problems!!) which gave me the opportunity to rip up the carpet to discover the original wooden floorboards & hearth. We have now sanded down the floorboards so they just need a lick of paint & we need to choose some tiles for the hearth. So my aim is to get the bedroom complete by the end of May.

Three - Start my YouTube channel properly! Okay so I'm not 100% sure if this will actually happen but I've been keen on the idea of vlogging for so long I feel like I need to just do it & get on with it. I do have a YouTube channel with a couple of uploads on it but I mostly want to focus on vlogging daily life with the Pugs. I was chatting to my friend Abi (Kemples) as she recently got her old baby videos put on to DVDs which reminded me I need to do the same! I absolutely love watching the footage my Dad recorded of my childhood & it gives me the urge to do the same now. I already love documenting life over here on this blog but video keeps memories alive & I know I'll be thankful to myself in years to come.

Four - Book a trip. Dom & I haven't been on holiday together for over five years now so we are in need of a break! We have a trip to Paris in the works at the moment with our good friends for late September time & we are currently looking up hotels & flights for New York in November but we need a little Sunshine holiday too. I'd love to go to Greece but I'm open to recommendations so let me know if you've been away anywhere nice!

Five - Read more books. I say this all of the time but recently I've not had a phone because I've smashed mine up so badly it no longer works & I've felt amazing not having a phone to waste hours on each day. It is becoming a real inconvenience not having one though so I'll be back in the iPhone club this week but I'll not be spending as much time on it. Instead I want to use my free time more wisely, by reading the piles of unread books I've got lying around the house. I used to be a real bookworm & I want to get back into relaxing on the sofa with a good book instead of being absorbed by Social Media. 

What are you goals for May?

L x

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  1. I know what you mean by needing a break! I'm excited to get away this year!

    faceHannah | Oh January