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The Blogger Friend Tag

(PaperJung Cards)
I've seen The Blogger Friend Tag appear on quite a lot of blogs over the years but never thought to give it a go until my friend Stephanie suggested we should do it. Stephanie blogs over at & has been a friend, as well as a blogger friend since 2014. We've both answered the questions on each others blogs, here is the link to my answers!

Q) How and when did you meet?
A) We met at work, in October 2014! She transferred to the store I was working in and we got chatting and I realised I recognised her blog username. She inspired me to start blogging again!
I miss those days were we would chat all things blog related whilst we were supposed to be working!

Q) What's your favourite memory together?
A) We used to have all kinds of fun at work together but we had a trip to Cheshire Oaks once which was a fantastic day <3
That actually was a fantastic day, we need to go again but please keep me away from the Yankee Shop this time!

Q) Describe each other in one word.
A) Pugsessed. That's a real word.
Hahaha I love this, yep it's a real word!

Q) What's their dream job?
A) I think she'd love to be able to earn enough to blog as a job, or something design related otherwise.
The dream! But yeah I'd love to do more design related work, I also love doing Visual Merchandising at work so thats an option too.

Q) What's their favourite makeup brand?
A) I'm not too sure but I know she loves Soap & Glory, in particular their Archery eyebrow pencil!
I don't think I could choose one favourite brand but you're right, I do love Soap & Glory, especially the brow pencil (:

Q) What is something that annoys you about the other person?
A) She now lives way too far away and it's so difficult to plan to do anything together. Also she'd had a broken phone so we've been messaging on Twitter rather than texting..!
Hey, my phone is fixed now so feel free to text away! We need to arrange a day out again too...

Q) If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be and why?
A) I definitely think it would have to be somewhere exploring America together. Maybe California for the potential road trips?
How good would this be!! Can it happen please?

Q) Favourite inside joke?
A) Any joke about our old store, really!
Omg alllllll of the drama used to happen at work...

Q) Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?
A) I think Laura definitely takes more pride in her appearance than I do. Sometimes I can get ready in 10-15 minutes if I really can't be bothered!
I wouldn't say I take more pride in my appearance, you always look lovely!

Q) Their favourite season?
A) I'll go with summer!
I do love the warmer days but my fave season is actually Winter, I LOVE CHRISTMAS! <3

Q) Their favourite song?
A) I feel like this is something that changes a lot, so I'll just say; nothing that's on the work playlist...
Yep, I don't really have a favourite song I just stick a playlist on Spotify & sing along!

Q) Do they prefer heels or flats?
A) It depends on the situation but probably comfy flats.
Flats, always. Heels for a special occasion but otherwise flats.

Q) Do they prefer pants or dresses?
A) I don't think she ever wore trousers to work, so dresses/skirts.
For work I never wear the "formal" style trouser but I do love a good pair of black skinnies. Otherwise dresses are my fave to wear!

Q) What's their favourite animal?
A) No prizes for knowing the answer to this is puggles!
Yay for Pugs <3

Q) If their house was burning down, and their entire family was sure to be okay, what would they save and why?
A) Honestly she's just spent so much time and effort doing her house up, she would probably do her damnedest to just put it out instead of letting it burn!
Haha so true. If I HAD to save something it would probably be my bed, it's like a marshmallow, so soft & comfy.

Q) Do they prefer comedies, horrors, or chick-flicks?
A) I think she appreciates a good chick flick!
I do, I do! Or a Rom-Com.

Q) Are they team Samsung or team iPhone?
A) She's recently been team no phone, but usually team iPhone!
Team iPhone <3

Q) What's their favourite movie?
A) I have no clue, so I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say Mean Girls, because who doesn't love Mean Girls?
I love Elf but thats a Christmas one so probably doesn't count! Mean Girls is great though too!

Q) What is something weird that they eat/don't eat?
Hahaha Prawns are disgusting! The texture omg.

Q) Do you guys have anything matching?
A) I'm going to say probably- since we both work/ed for the same company.
Maybe a shirt/blouse?

Q) What's their favourite TV show?
A) I don't think she watches much TV, but probably something on Netflix!
Yeah I love Netflix, I was hooked on PLL, the new series needs to hurry up.

Aw this was SO much fun, I loved answering the questions about Stephanie & reading the answers she put about me. Let me know if you join in with the Blogger Friend Tag (:

L x

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