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When Becca & Rupert Came to Stay...

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Being a Pug mama has given me the opportunity to meet some amazing people, through Pug meet ups, Facebook groups & even Blogger events I've made lots of new friends all because we have a squishy little fur baby. I'm always saying how good it is to talk to people who completely understand the obsession I have over Tilly & Lulu & we all rock the crazy Pug owner status perfectly! There is something about our squashy dogs that bring all of us together in the best way, whenever I meet a fellow Pug owner I could honestly talk for hours about our dogs.
At the Tangle Teezer Pug Love Event I met Becca Rose & her handsome Rupert Pug, we instantly got chatting about all things Pug related & made sure to hang out again soon. Isn't it the best when you meet someone & get on with them so well from day one? Becca & Rupert made the long train journey up to Liverpool to come see us & stay for a couple of days, we planned to visit the Bubblebecca house (post soon!) & I also drove Becca to IKEA as she had never actually been inside one! Our weekend was filled with pizza, shopping & pugs, it was literally heaven.
On the Sunday, the day Becca & Rupert left, we did a huge photoshoot with the Pugs, it resulted in over 800 photos! I've been working my way through them ever since, picking my favourites which has been tough because they are all so good & SO CUTE. Pugs are the best at posing, their little head tilts & their adorable facial expressions make the perfect photos, hence why this post is ridiculously photo heavy! I know you all love a Pug photo spam though which is why I went to town & included so many.

Becca vlogged a lot of the time so you can go see us having all of the fun over on her channel, I'm so glad she documented it because now I have all those memories to watch over & over. We had such a fun, Pug filled weekend, I can't wait to do it all over again when I go to stay at Beccas next month!

L x 

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  1. Wow over 800 photos, that's a lot haha! These images are super cute and I love IKEA!! <3

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

    1. I know, it was intense haha! Thank you x

  2. This has got to be the cutest post I've ever read! Those little hats are the cutest!! Sounds like such a fab weekend x