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August Goals

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I love doing these posts at the beginning of each month as it gives me something to check back on whenever I hit a bit of a slump. It's good for me to set a few goals that I hope to achieve because otherwise I tend to slack & tell myself I can do it tomorrow instead.

One - Be more creative. You may know from Twitter/Instagram that I've been hanging out with Becca & Jodes this week, they've been staying at mine & seeing them both work so hard on their content has really inspired me to get going again. This afternoon I had a huge photo session with them & absolutely loved working around other creative people. It was such fun to bounce ideas off each other & see what the outcome was!  

Two - Look after myself. I've been feeling very low about my appearance for a long, long time & I'm so fed up of feeling this way. I am desperate to get my teeth fixed so that I can smile with confidence, it's been on my mind for years but I never get round to booking a consultation because I'm so ashamed of the state of them. I also could do with changing my diet, not in a drastic way but less sugar & perhaps a bit more exercise would probably make a difference to my energy levels.

Three - Read a new book. Reading is one of my favourite pastimes & I definitely need to take more time out to curl up with a book. I have a huge stash of unread books that I need to work my way through!

Four - Finish our bedroom. It's so close to being complete now it just needs a few final touches & then I'll be happy. I'm having a little makeup station built into the alcove this weekend & our floors could do with another layer of paint. Our bedroom is even better than I imagined it to be so I can't wait for it to all be done, I might even do a bedroom tour if anyone wants to see!

What are your August Goals?

L x

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  1. My August goals are to become more creative too and learn to switch off a lot more. Good luck! x

  2. Loved this post, totally feel the same about my appearance at the moment. We're our own worst critics! That flat lay is so dreamy!

  3. My August Goals are to read lots of books, deep clean my room, decorate my room, and savour the last of summer break! (I'm being a bit ambitious, lol) Lovely post!

    Akino |