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Five Happy Thoughts

A positive mind is one aspect of my life I'm really trying to work on, I mean most things are good but I'm quite the Debbie Downer & always put a negative spin on everything. I've definitely made more of a conscious effort to think in a positive way & often correct myself for having such a gloomy outlook on life.

A Skincare Routine With Jurlique

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Jurlique is a skincare brand that have always been on my radar because of their cult product amongst bloggers, the Rosewater Balancing Mist, yet I hadn't really much experience of them myself. Jurlique have recently opened a lovely new counter in the Chester Debenhams store so I was invited along to see it for myself & have a skincare consultation. 

ASOS Spring Picks

It finally feels like Spring has Sprung, with blossom trees blooming & blue skies making an appearance I want to put my thick knits & fleece lined leggings to the back of my wardrobe. I'm obsessing over anything blush pink still, I'm hoping this colour trend is going to continue because I can't get enough of it! I've also recently become a fan of the pleated midi skirt & I want to build up a pretty little collection for the warmer months when I'm not feeling brave enough to have my legs out. Another trend I'm LOVING is gingham, it kinda gives that school Girl Summer dress vibe but I like it & I'm gonna try rock it if I can... and obviously ruffles are huge right now. All I see in shops is ruffles & frills galore, gimme all the ruffle blouses please!

The Blogger Sleepover

A couple of weeks ago I was invited along to The Blogger Programme Sleepover with my besties Becca, Jodes & Gee. The sleepover was hosted in the most amazing 3 bedroom suite, Taj 51 Buckinghamgate, I had a real 'pinch me is this real life moment' because it was such a dream to be staying there. Everything about the hotel was perfect, from the beautiful Blossom Tree & water fountain (fun fact - it was gifted by Queen Victoria!) in the grounds, to the most attentive & friendly staff I'd be honoured to stay here again. I was treated like royalty for a weekend. 

The Highlighter Palette You Need In Your Life

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This little beauty has been my go-to highlighter for several months & even during my "blogging break" it was always on my mind to share this palette on here. The Sleek Solstice Highlighter Palette is contained within a luxe rose gold compact, making it hard to believe that it retails for under £10. The four shades are all equally as dreamy, with one cream formula, two baked powders & one silky shimmer. 

8 Ways to Get Cosy

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I don't know about you guys but for me there is nothing better than fresh bedding, new pjs & all of the pug cuddles. It's my favourite way to get cosy, add in a candle, a mug of warm tea, a good book & voila you've got a perfect night in. Yeah, I'm a very wild 25 year old!

We spend a huge chunk of our time asleep so I enjoy treating myself to bedtime luxuries like soft new pyjamas & crisp, clean bedding. In fact I'm pretty sure my pyjama pile is greater than my everyday clothing but I'm totally okay with that. I'm a bit obsessed with my latest pair of pjs, the Chelsea Peers Macaroon Pyjama Set* because well, firstly THEY ARE COVERED IN PASTEL MACAROONS = mega Instagram points & secondly they are the comfiest jim jams I've ever worn. I posted a snipped of them on my Birthday Instagram photo & seriously I felt famous for the day, my DM's had never been so busy! You all wanted to know how to get your hands on these super cute pjs & I urge you to all hurry up & head over to MandM Direct because they are on sale for less than £14!!

Lets get cosy...

1. Stating the obvious here seeing as though I've already banged on about it in this post but comfy PJs/loungewear!
2. Pop on some fluffy socks too for extra cosiness.
3. Blankets, blankets & more blankets! Making a blanket den on the sofa & snuggling on down is my favourite hobby.
4. The biggest bubble bath you can imagine. Run a hot bath with a LUSH Bubble bar, throw in a bath bomb for good measures & soak until you're all wrinkled up!
5. HOT CHOCOLATE. I'm a big coffee drinker but you can't beat that taste of delicious melted chocolate, whipped cream & a heap of marshmallows.
6. Light lots of candles.
7. Cuddle up with your bf/gf/friend/pug/a pillow (lol)
8. Wrap up in your warmest jumper & biggest scarf, then adventure out into the fresh air.
(Photography by Becca Rose - thanks girl)

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Let me know your fave ways to get cosy!

L x

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