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A Dinner Party With A Private Chef

I love being a host, having people over to my house for food/drinks/movies/whatever we fancy is one of my favourite things. If you know me you know I'll always choose a night in over a night out. Recently I had the chance to have my very own chef for the evening, perfect for people like me who aren't the greatest at cooking. Whenever I invite people round it often results in us ordering a takeaway due to my fear of being a bad cook! La Belle Assiette is an online private chef service who aim to make hosting a dinner party easier & a lot more enjoyable. They have chefs located all over the country so wherever you are there is a chef ready & waiting to host a dinner party for you! 
Once the dinner party was scheduled, my chef Ben called me to discuss the menu & confirm any dietary requirements for myself or my guests. The menu was different to anything I usually opt for, based around seafood & would consist of five small dishes, so I was really looking forward to trying something new. My only worry was my tiny kitchen, but I expressed my concerns to Ben & he wasn't phased by that at all, he said he was used to working in small spaces which reassured me everything would be okay. 

On the evening of the dinner party Ben arrived about an hour & a half before my guests to begin his preparations which meant I was free to go & get ready without worrying about any of the cooking process. He even laid the table for me which was a lovely extra I didn't expect at all. Once everyone had arrived at about 7.30pm we took our seats at the table & were poured a glass of wine by Ben, the perfect way to begin our evening! The aromas from the kitchen smelt amazing, I was so excited to begin our feast.

The first dish of the night was Salmon Ceviche & Mango Salsa with Coriander Oil. A small zingy, fresh flavoured appetizer that was really tasty. It was just the right amount to experience the taste without any of us feeling overwhelmed for our next course.
The second course was deep-fried Crab with a Sweet Chilli dressing & a Parmesan crisp. Now I've never tried Crab meat before so I was a little apprehensive to try it but I loved it! I think I've got a new favourite, I haven't stopped thinking about how delicious it was.
Our next course was Asian Style Tuna Tartare. I'm always a little nervous to eat raw fish, although I do always enjoy it & this time it was no different. The Tuna was fresh & the Avocado puree complimented it perfectly. 
Next up was Tempura Seabass with Tempura Shiitaki Mushroom & Tempura Sauce. The Seabass was to die for, it had been deep-fried to perfection & dipping it in the Tempura sauce made it even more delicious.
My favourite course of the night has got to be the Thai Style Curry with King Prawns, Sticky Rice & Chapatis. The Curry was the best I've ever tasted, with hints of Coconut & a kick of a spice, I could have eaten so much more but of course I had one more dish to try yet!
The final course of the evening was Dessert, a Kaffir Lime Panna Cotta with Passionfruit & Ginger Biscuits served in a beautiful glass. The fruity topping was paired perfectly with the citrusy, fresh Panna Cotta & was a refreshing way to finish an incredible dinner.

As the night came to an end I wasn't filled with my usual "ugh, all the washing up that needs doing" thought, I was able to wave goodbye to my guests & relax on the sofa after an amazing evening of food & fun!

If you're looking to hire a private chef in Liverpool there are plenty of chefs to choose from but I would highly recommend Ben & would absolutely love to have him cook for us again! 

L x


  1. How lucky are you! The food looks amazing and I love how you've set up your dining area!


  2. Nice post, thanks so much for this sharing!

  3. This is truly fabulous. I too have been trying to find one of best Seattle venues for my parent’s anniversary bash. I want to host a traditional Mexican themed party so looking for some décor and food ideas. I wonder if you can help!