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Spend It Well

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Marks & Spencer recently discovered that Brits aren't making the most of everyday life, it's always about the big things rather than the small everyday choices.
In their study, M&S found that 96% of us feel like we spend our life on autopilot, that we say 'yes' four times a day instead of saying 'no' & that 81% of us think it's the small things that make a big difference, but we don't make time for nearly enough of them.

Marks & Spencer want to inspire people to change the rules of their routine, to take a moment & to think about what really matters to them & to focus on the little changes that they can change to spend life well. 'Make It Matter' Day is round the corner, (June 1st to be precise!) what little changes can you make to your everyday life?
The #SpendItWell campaign has really got me thinking about how I can make the most of life, with the wise old saying 'Life's Too Short' I've been keen to embrace the little things in life. Want some inspiration on how to Spend Life Well, take a look at some of my ideas...

01. Make time for that pamper session. I'm terrible for ever allowing myself a moment to relax, my mind is always on the go & often end up run down from taking too much on. I definitely need to remind myself to run a big bubble bath, light my favourite candle, use that nice face mask & indulge in some 'me' time, even if thats only for half an hour.

02. Enjoy a home-made meal. With daily life being so busy its rare I take the time to prepare a meal from scratch, but whenever I do I always find the process to be enjoyable. It's nice to be able to sit down & tuck into a delicious meal with a loved one whilst catching up on each others day.

03. Have a lie-in. I don't think I need to explain this one too much, but ignore that feeling of guilt for once & rest up!

04. Buy a bouquet of flowers. Flowers are one of my favourite things, theres nothing nicer than walking into a room to be greeted by a vase of beautiful blooms.

05. Cuddles with my furbabies, because Pug Hugs are the best <3
It's hard to forget about those little things that can make such a difference to your day, it's so easy to get caught up the bigger picture that sometimes we need to take a step back & think about what matters the most. Whilst it's amazing to achieve those goals & dream big it's also just as important to appreciate the smaller moments in life, to break out of your usual routine & celebrate your own everyday wins.

Let me know how you will be celebrating 'Make It Matter' Day on June 1st & any small changes you will be making to enjoy everyday life?

L x

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