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Pug Owner Problems

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I have three squishy little furbabies who take up the majority of my time, whether thats cuddles on the sofa, walkies to the park, trips to the vets or feeding time at the zoo, my life revolves around them but I wouldn't have it any other way!

01. You get stopped at least 3 times within the space of 10 minutes just so a passerby can say hello to your squishy lil friend.

02. You are forever covered in a sprinkling of Pug hair. It gets everywhere, there is no avoiding it. I call it Pug glitter & it's my favourite accessory!

03. Personal space is a thing of the past. Your Pug is by your side no matter what.

04. Everything you own has a Pug on it. Pug mugs? Check. Pug Bathplug? Check. Pug Bedding? Yep you've got that too!

05. Your Pug has a better wardrobe than you. Cosy knit jumpers, onesies & tutus, I'm pretty jealous.

06. They also have a better social life than you. Yep thats right, every weekend you find yourself standing in a park surrounded by 100s of other crazy pug people watching your squishy bundles of joy run around together.

07. Your Camera roll is just an endless stream of Pug photos because you can never resist taking a photo of them.

08. The non-stop barking at the TV, the G-Tech Air advert is the bane of my life! 

09. EXPENSIVE! They eat high quality food (my 3 dogs have a better diet than myself), they send their Pug friends birthday & Christmas presents but expect me to cover the costs, oh & Vet bills are extortionate... so invest in the best Pet insurance you can afford, because trust me you'll need it.

10. Snoring. Yep, they really do snore & snort & it's much louder than you'd expect for such a small animal. 

11. Their excessive pamper routine. This might sound ridiculous but these tiny dogs require quite the pamper sesh, with their wrinkly faces that need wiping regularly to keeping up with their dental hygiene. If you have a Pug you'll know that trying to brush their teeth can be a bit of a nightmare which is why I give my three girls Pedigree DentaStix. Dog Dental Care is an important part of my Pugs pamper routine, not only because their breath gets stinky but because when we rescued Lulu her teeth had been neglected & she required dental treatment to resolve her sore gums & plaque ridden teeth. 

I aim to brush their teeth as often as possible but as I mentioned above Pugs like to make this very difficult & will do anything to avoid the dreaded toothbrush coming near them. This is why I find DentaStix ideal as the unique X shape & special texture helps to reduce the build-up to tartar & keep their breath fresh & of course the Pugs never have any issues when it comes to eating a DentaStix! Although they are like a treat for Dogs they are actually low in fat with no added sugar, which is reassuring to know as my girls have these daily. 
UK Blogger, Liverpool Blogger, UK Dog Blog, Pug Blog,

This post is in collaboration with Pedigree, but all thoughts are my own. For additional Dental Care information you can read the following Pedigree Reviews article for tips and advice.

L x

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  1. Oh my goddddd, cutest photos EVER! I literally just span my Mac round to my mum and was like omg, HOW CUTE IS HER PUG?!?! Haha. Can relate to being malted on - my white cat malts eeeeeeverywhere!!